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SS501's Leader
Name: Kim Hyun Joong / 김현중
Birthday : June 6th 1986-27
years Korean Age : 29 years
Physique: 180cm, 68kg
Blood type: B
Agency: Key East
SS501's Eternal Center
Name: Kim Kyu Jong/김규종
Birthday: February 24th 1987-27 years
Korean Age: 28 years
Physique: 181cm, 65kg
Blood Type: A
Agency: B2M Entertainment
SS501's Sexy Charisma
Name: Park Jung Min/박정민
Birthday: April 3rd 1987-27 years
Korean Age: 28 years
Physique: 186 cm, 67kg
Blood type: O
Agency: Jiho Enetertainment & ParkJungMin.Inc
SS501's The Youngest
Name: Kim Hyung Jun/ 김형준
Birthday: August 3rd 1987-27 years
Korean Age: 28 years
Physique: 181 cm,66kg
Blood Type: O
Agency: S-Plus Entertainment
SS501's Prince.
Name: Heo Young Saeng/허영생
Birthday: November 3rd 1986-28 years
Korean Age: 29 years
Physique: 178cm, 63kg
Bloode type: O
Agency: B2M Entertainment

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Credit: + @JungMin0403

Now departure to Germany!!!^^ The last of a curse is LCD of my mobile phone is broken from small blisters to full cracked on my foot!!! Now it's coming to an end!! Left over with only good things!! ajajaja!!!


My phone is broken, so I can't see anythingㅠㅠ I didn't reply New Year's message, I'm sorry!!!

RT @JungMin0403: 휴대폰이 망가져서 아무것도 안보여요ㅠㅠ 설날 메세지 답장못해서 죄송해요!!!

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Credit:  @JungMin0403 +
English trans @xiaochu1004

Trans] Bye..Venice! In the cursed Venice, I lost my bag and lost every~thing! But I'll forget all~the bad memories! And must cheer up in Paris!! Now heading off to Paris~~!! GO!! GO!!

خداحافظ ونیز...در نفرین ونیز من کیف و خیلی چیزا رو گم کردم :|||| اما همرو فراموش میکنم ~ خاطرات بد ...و باید تو پاریس جبران کنم ...الان میریم به سمت پاریس ... بریم بریم ...

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On January 28, Kim Hyung Jun's official site, Jjunaway updated some new photos of him and Park Jung Min practicing for MBC drama, "Empress Ki" OST. 

Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun are members of SS501, a famous idol group formed in 2005. Since 2010, they ended their contracts with DSP media and went to other agencies with no disbandment announcement. They rarely be together since then, that's why their collaboration this time made fans happy and excited. 

In the photo, Kim Hyung Jun and Park Jung Min look close and happy together. They're practicing for the duet release of "Empress Ki" OST. The song will be revealed soon.

Are you expected to hear it?

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English trans  @SakuraDream501

Cafe Latte's space

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Actor Kim Hyun Joong is showcasing great focus skills on the drama set

On January 28th, the drama producers Ray & More released pictures of Kim Hyun Joong In his acting role as Shin Jung Tae in the KBS 2TV Wednesday/Thursday special drama "Generation of Youth"  (script Chae Seung Dae, Kim Jin Soo, Ko Young Oh, Lee Yoon Whan, director Kim Jung Gyu, Ahn Joon Young)
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In the picture, Kim Hyun Joon is wearing a padded jumper to defend against the cold.  He also has on protective gear to help him focus and is paying attention to the script

According to a drama staff, the filming went on from 4:00 am that day.  Kim Hyun Joong finished filming In another location and waited from midnight looking at his script and prepared

In addition, as the filming began, Kim Hyun Joong didn't look at his script and started discussing his acting with producer Kim Jung Gyu about his acting.  The staff members on set also applauded him

Kim Hyun Joong will be featured from the 5th episode.  At the end of the 4th episode, he said, "okay" and left a strong impression

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Credit:  @parkggang37

اصلا انصاف نیس هر روز از یونگ سنگ عکس بیاد ولی از کیو نه...

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Kwak Dong Yeon and Kim Hyun Joong’s fierce and scary gestures have been rated 100% synchronized

In the photos released to the public, Kim Hyun Joong and Kwak Dong Yeon’s mirror each other’s appearance and gestures – short hair style, intense and strong gaze, tough and fierce stance and the attractive bad boy look

While filming, when the two actors are in the set, Kim Hyun Joong is usually been mistaken as Kwak Dong Yeon. The two must have had implemented themselves into their characters. Their resemblance has been a topic trend to some viewers and netizens

Lim Soo Hyang and Jin Se Yeon’s characters are also expected to take parts in the drama

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SS501 member Park Jung Min is planning on making his comeback in April with the release of a new album

During an interview with JpopAsia, Park Jung Min revealed his intention to release new music in April
"Actually, [the album] is being prepared already. I will release my new album in April," the singer told us after being asked about his music pan for 2014

The upcoming album is expected to be a Japanese release. Afterward, the singer says he will make his return to South Korea.

Park Jung Min has not released any new music in the past year. His last album, "Midnight Theatre", was release on December 19 in Japan.

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Date : 2014.01.18 - Sat

Venue : Seoulcheong Auditorium

ولی من اصلا مطمئن نیستم یونگ سنگ رفته باشه سربازی!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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Credit: @JungMin0403 +
English trans  @xiaochu1004

Discovered a hidden old photo of the past~!! When and where was this taken~?? Taiwan? Shanghai? Beijing? Hongkong?!

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